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I first heard of blogging maybe 4 years ago: at that time, I was pregnant with my son – I also have two other kids in the elementary grades, so I was preparing to become a very busy mom. I filed away “blogging” in my mind, and thought, I’m going to do this one of these days. Well, “one of these days” has finally arrived, and yes, here’s my first post!

Now, the next thing is, what do I want to put in here? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is computer crafting – because it’s what I do (well, probably a smattering of other crafts, too)! This is where I’ll be posting my projects and give you some behind-the-scenes on what’s going on at Gem’s Cottage! Okey-dokey, ’nuff said, I’ve got to get some pics uploaded so that you can have a peek on what’s the latest!

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