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It’s hard to believe that a month has gone by, that summer is almost over, that the kids are going back to school this Monday, and that cards from you keep pouring in! For the past week, two packages arrived, one is from Venus(vrt007 on the PC Message Board) with 5 cute holiday penguin cards, and the other is from Shelby(granny6pack on the PC Message Board) with 18 beautifully glittered cards. Shelby did something different with some of the borders on her cards, you can check them out in the gallery.  My daughters and I made another 50 cards this week, bringing the grand total to… 341 cards! Wow! that’s amazing!

This week’s featured card uses  faux layers and die-cuts. If you check out cards from galleries, you’ll notice that a lot of them use die-cut ovals and  scalloped ovals, layered over some beautiful patterned papers. Since we are constrained not to layer for the inmates’ cards, I thought about making a background that mimics the die-cuts and layers. Here’s the card that I came up with:


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It’s been relatively cool this past week here in Southern California, and it’s such a joy whenever I get to open a package with cards for inmates at the California Institute for Women. I get to oooh and aaaah at your wonderful cards, and yes, I’ve got them all posted in the gallery so you can take a peek and be inspired.  Since the end-users of these cards are inmates, the powers-that-be at CIW laid down guidelines for what can and cannot be done (scroll down to my August 2, 2009 entry for the complete list) on the cards.  However, even with these restrictions, I am still awed by how wonderful the cards look!  This week, I got 2 packages – one is from Glenda (ggothard in the PC Message Board), with 6 beautiful cards, and the second one is from Mary (MEW in the PC Message Board), with 24 amazingly creative cards. We (DDs and me) got 60 “patchwork” cards done this week , so the total card count so far is… 268 cards! Wheee! It’s exciting to see the box of cards getting full!

So, how about those “patchwork” cards? Here they are:


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It’s week 2 of Cards for a Cause: the Inmates Project…and the pile of cards keeps on growing! First package that I opened for this week is from Elayne (elayne on the PCCrafter message board) – 12 gorgeous, marvelous cards! And the second package came from Linners (Linda Ohio now in GA also on the PCCrafter message board), and she donated a whopping 54 cards!  Thank you so much, Elayne and Linda! I know, I know, I’ve been behind in posting these beautiful creations on the gallery – and I promise to have them up within this week, otherwise, you can take all my paper punches (that’s equivalent to taking away chocolate from a chocoholic, okay!).  Also,  my DD’s made another 50 cards this week, bringing the total to… (*** drum roll   ***)… 178 cards! Yay!

The feature card this week is a “quote” card – break out google, bing, yahoo and all other search engines you can think of (well, you might say one is enough, LOL!), and find quotations that inspire and uplift.  Make it the focal point of the card then add appropriate digital graphics or stamped images. Here is a sample:


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It’s the first week! Well, you’re probably wondering why is it the first week? If you read my August 2, 2009 entry where the Cards for a Cause: The Inmates Project was officially launched, our target was to make 500 cards (or more!) by mid October. There are 10 weeks from now until mid-October, so I figured that we (both my DDs and I) should make 50 cards per week.  However, there are more inmates than the cards we’re donating, so we would appreciate card donations – more will definitely make it merrier! That’s why we were so happy to get  a set of 12 cards from Lori (aka LKM on the PCCrafter Message Board)!  Her cards are amazing – given the restrictions of no layering, minimal embellishments, etc. (refer to the guidelines on my August 2 entry) – she still came up with fantastic cards. I’ll be posting pictures of her cards in the gallery, and all the cards received for this project.  So, this week, we have a total of… 62 cards!

Now, what about that “morphing” card? Well, let me start first with a picture of  the card when it is open:


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Cards for a Cause

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It’s been quite a while since I last posted on my blog, so now that I’m posting again, I’m making up for it by posting a long one, LOL! I have been making plenty of cards these past few months, and since I join swaps on the PCCrafter Message Board, I also receive a lot of cards. Although I send out cards to friends and family, I still have plenty! It really is easy to accumulate a lot of cards when  it’s your hobby. I figured that these cards will make a lot of people happy if they are used, but who will I give them to?

I’m not sure how you, the reader,  will react to this, because the first time I told DH about who I was planning to give the cards to, he gave me a quizzical look, and slowly said, “Oookay, why them?”.  And the answer is simple, “Because they need the cards.” He persisted with, “But there are also others who need cards – like the people in senior homes, or sick kids, even orphanages!” And I said, “Those people like to receive cards, and I agree that they need them, too, and maybe I can do that also, but right now what I do is make cards, and I’m sure that these people will use the cards I make to write to their loved ones, family and friends.” He appeared convinced, and he also knows how stubborn I can be when I set out to do something, so he remarked, “There’s probably some guidelines that you should follow then.” I hugged him and started to make calls.

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