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…for a very important announcement: SVG Cuts  is offering a Christmas Giveaway!  See details here. When I saw this posted by Marilyn on the PC Crafter Message Board, of course, I started drooling…

I have wanted the Cricut cutting machine with SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) for a loooooong time already. I’ve  researched about it (garnered excellent marks  in customer satisfaction), dreamed about it (oh, the things I can make!), discussed about it (you know, darling, maybe we can postpone having the car fixed… **bats eyelashes**) …but the operative word is “want”… it is not a “need”. Of course, this has not stopped me from trying to convince my DH that it is a “need”:  I need it for the hundreds of papercrafting & cardmaking  project ideas I have; I need it to expand my web-based business, the kids need it for their school projects (including the kids in the mix makes my case stronger, LOL), I need a new tool to keep the creative juices flowing, the kids and I need professional, neatly cut edges for our projects…

Well, I can come up with a reason everyday until Christmas if I have to, but when I saw that SVG Cuts is offering exactly what I want… umm, I mean, need… I might as well try my luck! And while I’m at it, why don’t you try your luck, too?  It’s very easy to join – and since there’s less than 500 who did, the odds of winning are definitely greater than the lotto, or being hit by a lightning, LOL. Hurry up, there’s only until tomorrow, Dec 18 to join! If I win, I will   post a project using the Cricut with SCAL every week on my blog for a year (yes, that’s how many project ideas I have!).  Okay, now back to our regular program…


There’s just ten days to go before Christmas day, and around here, the excitement is certainly rising. Our neighborhood is rife with light displays, snowmen,  Santa and nativity scenes.  More prevalent than  the past years, though,  is the somber undertone amidst the festivities:  you’ll notice one or two houses with no lights from within,  with “For Sale” or “Foreclosed” signs in front, the malls and restaurants are less full, there’s less parties to go to and less presents under the tree. But less money does not necessarily mean less Christmas spirit, in fact, there seems to be even more. When our church asked for volunteers to package food baskets and deliver them to the needy, so many signed up that there were more volunteers than baskets. It was also surprising to learn that our church reached and even exceeded its quota of fundraising for our diocese.  As I write on our Christmas cards this year, I also noticed that we have more  family and friends that we have kept  in touch with.  Although this year may be hard financially on many of us, this is a year that is certainly not lacking in spirit.

The idea of Creating Christmas  by Paulette and Rhonda Sue was to demonstrate just that: there’s no need to spend a lot in order to spread Christmas cheer. We, the artists and designers who joined the blog adventure,  believed in the same thing. This has been a  joy-filled adventure, and we hope that it’s been the same for you!

My last printable offer is a cute bucket purse treat bag. The template is by Mel McCarthy at – thank you, Mel! The bag is about  4  3/8″ tall (includes the handle) and 1 ½” thick. A circle punch (1″ or larger) was used to create the handle. sixweek5

Here is the designed template:

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Goodness gracious, has it been a month already since we started with Creating Christmas? Time seems to fly even faster when it’s the holiday season! I’m sure a lot of you are busy preparing as I am – what I’m glad to note is, the leaves are finally turning red and gold here in Southern California! I know, I know, it’s probably old news where you live, but when it finally happens here, I get excited, LOL! What’s more, it is also raining! California suffers from drought year after year, so we’re thankful for any rain we get. When the clouds clear up, we’ll get to see the mountain tops (the San Gabriel mountain range) covered with snow. I just love that – the snow on the mountains  –  not on the car, the driveway or the streets, LOL.  It’s  just the perfect time to craft some Christmas projects!

I’ve had requests for more Snookie graphics, and I’m working hard on it. But I couldn’t come up with a Christmas set because of time constraints, so I did a mini-set instead: Snookie Christmas. It contains the designed boxy treat bag that you see below,  then the same bag with a blank back for you to add your own sentiment.  It also includes the image of Snookie in a Christmas outfit holding a present (in colored and line art format, the colored one comes in jpg and png) and a “snowflaky” background.  And since it is our offering for Creating Christmas, you can download it for free! You can find Snookie Christmas at Gem’s Cottage, click on Store Front and you will see it among the new products for December. If this is your first time to download from my site, please check out the Download Instructions for a step by step guide with corresponding screen shots on how to download and install the files in your computer. Have fun!


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