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Finally, a New Post!

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Last week, I had a phone conversation with one of Gem’s Cottage customers, Julie. She called regarding a problem with her order, which was quickly resolved, then we got to chatting about other things (you know how we crafters are, LOL). She likes doing all sorts of crafty things – from card making/paper crafting to sewing and cooking. Then we got to discussing our blogs – I was lamenting the fact that I haven’t updated my blog ever since December, while she has not updated hers for more than a month. It’s funny because both of us take pictures of the things we make, but when it comes to posting them (more me than her, I think, LOL), we kind of procrastinate.

Well, I can come up with all sorts of excuses, actually:  the last two weeks of December were really hectic for our family; then in January, my 4 year old son was evaluated (I had been concerned about him for quite sometime), and it turned out that he needed Speech and Language Therapy, so aside from bringing him to his therapy sessions, I also work with him at home.  And of course, I also got a Cricut Expression with SCAL2 last January… 🙂

I’ll be telling more about how I got my new toy in the next few days (no, I didn’t win it from SVG Cuts, but everything was for less than $300), but going to back to our phone conversation with Julie, we promised to each other that we will update our blogs. I promised that I will update mine every Wednesday, but for this week, I’ll probably have more frequent updates because I have a lot to show and tell. Julie has already updated hers several times – check out her blog at You can also see two of her projects at the Gem’s Cottage Gallery.

As for me, well, here is my first Cricut project, and if it looks familiar, it’s because it’s the same template by Mel at that I used in my December 15 post, only now, I converted it to a cutting file using Inkscape. On Cricut with SCAL2 (or Make the Cut, if that’s what you have), you can enlarge or reduce the purse to any size you want, no more trying to find the perfect-sized circle punch (one of the reasons why I became a punch-a-holic before) – and voila! now you have a perfectly cut purse! If you want the cutting file for this purse, just post a comment below – the file is in SVG format.

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