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Here’s one more project I did with the Costume Parade set – just print, cut and tape since the template is already pre-designed on the set. Oh, and of course, don’t forget to put in your favorite Land o’ Lakes™ cocoa mix (mine is the caramel one…mmmm, smells wonderful and so delish!):

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Yay! I’m back! And to those who have  checked and wondered why I haven’t been around,  I’d like to thank you for your concern, your notes and your prayers.  As some of you may know, my son just entered kindergarten this year, and since he has speech and language delay, I was concerned (make that anxious and nervous!) about how he is going to transition to going to school everyday.  After a (disastrous) first week, he was diagnosed with ADHD (he is not the hyperactive type, though, he is the inattentive type). He is doing a lot better these days, but he is also exhbiting other symptoms that ADHD alone cannot explain, so he is being evaluated. Needless to say, this took its toll on me, that’s why  it took me quite a while to get my mojo back.

I was trying to get the set “Costume Parade”  out before October, but because of what happened above, I couldn’t. However, there is still time – about three weeks more before Halloween, so here’s what I’ve been doing:

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