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Petite Purse-a

It is still DTGD Week at Splicoaststampers and I’m continuing with the challenges. One of the challenges made me remember this template, the earlier Printastic versions (Pastel series, Black & White series and the Camouflage series) and the popular project ideas for it (Petite Purse for Mom, Teacher, and Chocoholic Mini Survival Kit). The earliest release date was 6 years ago, so, yeah, this template has been around for quite a while. I still remember it fondly (it was easy to make from just 1 sheet of card stock!), so I dug it up, dusted it, and gave it a fresh look! I still kept the beaded handle, though, I think the beads still make it look cool even after all these years…

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Happy Anniversary


It is Dare to Get Dirty week again at Splitcoaststampers, a week that I’ve always looked forward to for the past three years!  I love participating in the challenges, and this year is no exception! (You can tell I’m really excited, I’ve used two exclamation points already.) However, I gave myself one more challenge this year: do not buy anything new.  I know that there’s enough material in my craft stash to make a lot of cards (my fellow paper crafters, I know you can relate, lol).

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It’s right smack dab in the middle of summer vacation and I hope that you’re having a good one so far! Also, there’s a big chance that you are going to a birthday party this month – and next month, and even the month after! July, August and September are the months with the most birthdays,  so,  I hope that  this project will be relevant to you, dear blog reader.

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