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This project was a fun one! Sabrina’s challenge is to “Put A Spin on It”, meaning to make a pinwheel and include it in your project. I wanted to make the pinwheel that spins (isn’t Sabrina’s card so cool?), so off I went to look for a brad that would fit the bill – ummm… no luck, even though I have boxes and boxes of crafty and office stuff, couldn’t find one – either the prongs are short, or, if the prongs are long enough, they are too big for the pinwheel. Sabrina gave me the idea of using a pin instead – so I did! But what would be a good material to stick it to? After going on another scavenger hunt, I got the eraser from a pencil’s top! My original idea was to make a card  like Sabrina’s but then, I will have a hard time gluing the eraser onto the card.

So… Plan B – make a gift bag instead! There are several kids we know who will be having their birthdays this August, and I also know for sure that they will love a gift bag like this. To make the pinwheel, I used a 2″ square punch, followed Sabrina’s instructions about cutting the corners, then poked a hole in the corners with a pin. I stuck the eraser on top of a drinking straw (the eraser was pared down a bit to make it fit inside the straw),  then stuck and glued (for safety purposes) the pinwheel onto it. To put some clearance between the straw and the pinwheel, I used a short piece of straw (about ¼”)  – and that’s it for the pinwheel!

As for the pirate, this was a freebie from last year. The bag I used is 4 3/4″ wide, so I did not have to change the size of the image. The red cord I used for the handles were from a torn gift bag I salvaged. The straw fits snugly into the pirate’s outstretched hand, so the pinwheel may be removed and played with, and it can be put back (it still spins!) when done.

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