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It’s still August, so, of course, it’s hot! I’ve been grumpy and irritable for the past week, and last night I had a talk with myself:  Gem, enough already! Work on something that would get you out of this mood! Do something that would make you smile!

Well, I took the advice and went to check on SplitcoastStampers, which is currently running its Dare to Get Dirty Challenges. Then I took out one of my most favorite designer papers, Wonderful Winter Glittered Christmas Papers by My Mind’s Eye. Sigh. Just looking at the smiling snowmen and glittery colors is making me more cheerful already…I’ve used up most of the papers, but I’ve saved all scraps (that’s when I know I really like the papers, LOL, but then, I also have papers that I couldn’t even bear to cut because I just like them so much!). Using bits and pieces, and by using the patchwork template from my post 8 years ago (wow, has it been that long already?), I put together these two cards – and yes, making these definitely lifted me out of my depressed mood. Mission accomplished!

To use the patchwork template, just print it out, cut out the pieces and use them as patterns – easy, right?

These two cards are for Dina Kowal’s and Tricia’s (T. Joy) challenges. I will update this blog post to give you the details of each challenge when the Dare to Get Dirty Challenges are done! Thank you for coming over to take a peek!

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Last year, during our fall ATC swap on the PC Crafter Message Board, we did a “School Days” theme. The inset above shows what I did (graphics are from “Bears All Year” by Gina Jane at   I decided to do a greeting card-size of the checks and stitches I used on the ATC and make a birthday card for my godson in Oregon. Well, there were other cards that I needed to make so I changed the colors and the sentiments and here are the two more cards I made:

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*** Note: Please scroll down and take a moment (several moments, actually, LOL) to read Parts 1 and 2 of this blog series entry, if you haven’t done so yet 😉 ***

This is the last part of the series, and so, we come to the “Creating Christmas” part of the title. So far, I have shared two printable gift bags for the Creating Christmas project of Paulette and Rhonda Sue. I want this third one to be even more special than the first two, so I made a set. For those who read the first two parts of this series, you’ll understand why (and probably chuckle, too) I chose to do a patchwork design again. This set contains two designed patchwork gift bags (different sizes), two designed patchwork cards (one landscape and one portrait), an envelope to match the cards, and a designed packet. This is not all, I have also included the blank patchwork template for those who want to put in their own images. You can download all of these for free when you go check out Gem’s Cottage tomorrow, Nov. 28 (click on Store Front, then Printastics). If this is your first time downloading from my site, please check out Download Instructions  for a step by step guide with corresponding screen shots. If you go to the Projects section of my site, you will also find that the Christmas Boxy Treat Bag (it’s under Holidays – Christmas)  coordinates nicely with this set.


As an artist, you expect me to do my work well, and I try hard to fulfill that expectation each time, whether it’s a freebie or a product for sale on my site. For those who choose to use this set, I hope you use it for something good, and make it the best – I expect no less.

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It’s been relatively cool this past week here in Southern California, and it’s such a joy whenever I get to open a package with cards for inmates at the California Institute for Women. I get to oooh and aaaah at your wonderful cards, and yes, I’ve got them all posted in the gallery so you can take a peek and be inspired.  Since the end-users of these cards are inmates, the powers-that-be at CIW laid down guidelines for what can and cannot be done (scroll down to my August 2, 2009 entry for the complete list) on the cards.  However, even with these restrictions, I am still awed by how wonderful the cards look!  This week, I got 2 packages – one is from Glenda (ggothard in the PC Message Board), with 6 beautiful cards, and the second one is from Mary (MEW in the PC Message Board), with 24 amazingly creative cards. We (DDs and me) got 60 “patchwork” cards done this week , so the total card count so far is… 268 cards! Wheee! It’s exciting to see the box of cards getting full!

So, how about those “patchwork” cards? Here they are:


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